Trump Starts His Day With Light Witness Intimidation As Flynn Prepares For Court


President Donald Trump appeared to be intimidating Michael Flynn on Tuesday morning as the former disgraced National Security Adviser heads to court to face sentencing for lying to the FBI.

Flynn could very well mention Trump during his sentencing hearing like Michael Cohen did earlier this month when he implicated Trump in two campaign finance felonies. Of course, Trump is likely terrified of what Flynn might say, so he tried to give him suggestions with a hint of witness intimidation.

Seriously, this sounds like intimidation as if Trump is telling Flynn to say there was “no collusion” during the 2016 campaign, a last desperate attempt to get to Flynn before he steps into a courtroom to admit his crimes in front of a judge, which would secure his plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Twitter users erupted.

Trump latest attempt to sway Flynn makes his court appearance even more anticipated because Trump is clearly scared by what Flynn will say.


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