Trump starts morning by whining about Senate not confirming his nominees fast enough


President Donald Trump lashed out at Senate Democrats on Sunday morning because his nominees are not being confirmed fast enough even though Republicans are in the majority.

As we have frequently seen, Republicans in the Senate are able to push Trump’s political nominees through to confirmation. Just ask new Attorney General William Barr, who was recently confirmed two months after being nominated. That’s fairly quick considering all the biased baggage Barr carries.

But Trump seems to think that the Senate should just let his nominees fly through without proper oversight and procedures, so he whined on Twitter from his Mar-a-Lago resort:

Again, the Senate is not just going to speed up the process because Trump demands it. Many of his nominees are unqualified to hold the positions he nominated them for, which makes oversight and transparency all the more important.

It appears, however, that Trump is complaining because his nominee for UN Ambassador, former Fox News employee Heather Nauert withdrew from consideration on Saturday night.

“I am grateful to President Trump and Secretary Pompeo for the trust they placed in me for considering me for the position of US Ambassador to the United Nations,” Nauert said in a statement. “However, the past two months have been grueling for my family and therefore it is in the best interest of my family that I withdraw my name from consideration.”

Apparently, Nauert agreed to withdraw because she and her husband employed a nanny who is not authorized to work inside the United States.

Also, Trump never actually sent her nomination to the Senate for consideration, making his complaint about Democratic senators holding up his nominees pure bunk because it turns out he held up his own nominee.

Clearly, Trump is angry at the Senate over something that he should blame himself for doing.

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