Trump Stirs Up Bullsh*t About Pelosi On Twitter Instead Of Focusing On California Visit


California is burning as the deadliest wildfires in state history continue to rage, killing over 60 people so far; a thousand more are missing. But instead of focusing on the tragedy and his impending visit, President Donald Trump tweeted about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Trump is already heavily criticized for being divisive, and his attacks on California as wildfires tragically swept across the state have outraged Americans across the nation. He not only blamed California for the fires that were fueled by climate change, he threatened to withhold federal funding from the state over his notion that lack of forest management is the reason why the wildfires are so bad.

Clearly, Trump needs to set a different tone during this trip as he prepares to meet with exhausted firefighters and victims who have lost loved ones and their homes to the flames.

But he didn’t get off to a good start on Saturday morning by wading into House Democrat business concerning who will be the next Speaker of the House come January when Democrats officially take control of Congress.

Many Democrats appear set to challenge Pelosi in favor of someone new for the position. However, Pelosi is one of the most experienced lawmakers on Capitol Hill and still wields plenty of influence. Republicans are clearly terrified of her, but they also see her as the boogeywoman they need ahead of 2020. It’s no wonder then that Trump is trying to stoke infighting among Democrats by offering his support for her return to the speakership.

Trump may also be hoping his support will sway Pelosi from opening investigations into his administration and subpoenaing his records. Either that or he wants to make sure she doesn’t become speaker by endorsing her.

Stoking division on a day like today when Trump is about to visit a state ravaged by fires is offensive, and Twitter users did not let him get away with it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia