Trump suggests Chairman Nadler is going after him because of an old real estate dispute


President Donald Trump implied on Tuesday that House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) is only going after him as revenge over an old commercial development dispute between the two many years ago.

The feud apparently goes back to the 1980s when Trump sought to turn an old railyard into a major real estate development project, which Nadler opposed in the best interest of his district at the time.

According to The Hill:

Tensions were rooted in Trump’s desire in the 1980s to build the world’s tallest building as part of a major redevelopment of a railyard on Manhattan’s west side, which was part of Nadler’s then-state assembly district.

Nadler helped block approvals and curtail federal loan guarantees for the project as both an assemblyman and newly elected congressman. But Trump eventually succeeded in building roughly 20 residential buildings on the west side as part of a scaled-down development.

The then real-estate mogul sold the properties before they were completed and tenants at some of the buildings had his name removed from them following his election as president.

In his new capacity as Committee chairman, Nadler has subpoenaed the full Mueller report from Attorney General William Barr, who has refused to turn it over to Congress in a clear effort to hide it from the public.

And so, Trump is basically now accusing Nadler of doing so as part of the old dispute.

Trump must be desperate if he is dredging up an old dispute to make it seem like Nadler is just demanding the Mueller report out of revenge.

The problem is that Nadler successfully battled Trump over the development project and Trump ended up abandoning it anyway.

Seeking release of the Mueller report has nothing to do with an old dispute between Nadler and Trump and everything to do with transparency and accountability. The fact that Trump is using it as some kind of proof that Nadler is out to get him only demonstrates that he is scared of what the report says and that he will do or say anything to keep it buried.


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