Trump supporter openly calls for Trump to become a dictator and the crowd horrifyingly cheers


Conservatives jumped the shark by endorsing tyranny to own the libs when a crowd cheered for a woman after she openly called for President Donald Trump to become a dictator.

At a rally hosted by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who once said that the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians is akin to treason, a woman stood up and took the microphone to rail against Congress for not giving Trump billions of dollars to build a wall on the southern border that will do nothing to stop drugs and illegal immigration.

“I am so upset that we’ve got so much trash that is supposedly representing us in Washington!” she said.

Bannon pointed out that she and others could vote to change the lawmakers, which is the constitutional method to change the government.

But the woman didn’t care much for the Constitution and actually endorsed Trump becoming a dictator.

“Never in my life did I think I’d like to see a dictator,” she said. “But if there’s going to be one, I want it to be Trump!”

Bannon and the rest of the crowd then applaud as democracy suffers yet another blow.

Here’s the video via Twitter.

The woman and the crowd literally just called for overthrowing the Constitution.

This is an incredibly dangerous moment in our history. Conservatives have gone from accusing former President Barack Obama of wanting to be a dictator to actually wanting Trump to be a real dictator.

They don’t care how much he destroys the nation as long as people of color and liberals are beneath them as second class citizens. Trump has already mused about being president for life and he has repeatedly shown authoritarian tendencies. He even gets along with authoritarian leaders better than he gets along with democratic leaders. Trump is too dangerous to be left in office any longer and you can bet he will use this woman’s words to justify grabbing more power.

Hillary Clinton was right. These people are deplorable.

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