Trump supporters cry bitter racist tears after Los Angeles unveils Obama Boulevard


Los Angeles, California has a new street after the city officially unveiled President Barack Obama Boulevard over the weekend, and supporters of President Donald Trump are livid about it.

“As we drive through this city and we see past presidents on Adams, on Washington, on Jefferson and now we’ll have one that was in our lifetime, who was a president for everybody: Barack Hussein Obama,” Mayor Eric Garcetti proclaimed according to the Los Angeles Times.

The three and a half mile stretch used to be named Rodeo Road and sits in the middle of an iconic black community where Obama held a rally in 2007.

Of course, racist Trump supporters whined about the honor afforded to America’s first black president, whom the current president can’t stop obsessing over.

If Trump supporters are mad about this, just wait until they discover that Florida renamed the “Old Dixie” highway after him in 2017. They’ll really be furious with that change.

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