Trump supporters lash out at Tomi Lahren for criticizing his ‘sham border deal’

Fox News talking head Tomi Lahren criticized President Donald Trump for considering signing a border security deal reached by Democrats and Republicans in Congress, resulting in Trump supporters attacking her.

On Tuesday, Congress reached a tentative agreement to provide $1.4 billion for 55 miles of new border fencing, not the wall Trump wants. The deal would also prevent a second government shutdown this year, but some of Trump’s most hardcore supporters such as Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity are urging him to reject it because he’s not getting exactly what he wants.

Surprisingly, even Tomi Lahren criticized the deal on Twitter and again on Fox Wednesday morning, predicting that Trump will lose in 2020 if he signs what she calls a “sham border deal.”

Her criticism of Trump did not sit well with many of his supporters, who turned on her in response.

This is what it looks like when Trump supporters attack one of their own for not staying in line with the “dear leader” of the 45 cult. Lahren has been a loyal supporter of Trump for years. Of course, Trump has signaled his support for deals before only to reject them at the last minute as he did in December in a move that started a 35-day long shutdown.

But even Rick Santorum agrees that Trump is not a winner in this deal. He doesn’t get one cent for his wall demand, only fencing that Trump and many of his supporters claim is inadequate. And only $1.4 billion for it at that.

However, it’s hilarious to watch Trump supporters attack each other because it demonstrates just how vulnerable the Trump train is to crashing and burning from within.

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