Trump supporters lose their tiny minds after Judge Napolitano sides with Adam Schiff


Fox News viewers lost their sh*t this week after Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano sided with House intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on evidence within the Mueller report.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump viciously attacked Schiff and demanded his resignation from Congress.

After Republicans did the same during a committee hearing that same day, Schiff fired back by reminding Republicans that just because Mueller could not establish that Trump committed conspiracy collusion, it doesn’t mean there is no evidence.

On Friday, Napolitano explained to Neil Cavuto that Special Counsel Robert Mueller must have found some evidence of conspiracy and obstruction, the latter of which the report definitely did not exonerate Trump. And he backed Schiff.

“I think that Congressman Schiff is correct,” he declared. “In that report will be evidence of the existence of a conspiracy. Not enough evidence to prove the existence beyond a reasonable doubt. In that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice, interfering with an FBI investigation for a personal gain. But not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.โ€

Here’s the video via YouTube

As soon as Napolitano sided with Schiff over their dear leader, Trump supporters blew a gasket on Twitter:

It just goes to show that anyone who is not 100 percent loyal to Trump gets smeared and attacked by his cult.

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