Trump taken to the woodshed for defending Huckabee Sanders’ cowardly refusal to do her job

Huckabee Sanders

President Donald Trump whined about how White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is treated by the press in order to defend her cowardly refusal to hold press conferences.

Huckabee Sanders has been largely absent in recent months, leaving her duties to speak with and answers questions from the White House press pool to her subordinates, meaning she is getting paid to do nothing as Trump forces thousands of federal workers to work for free. After a lot of criticism for continually not showing up to do her job, Trump attacked the press on Twitter.

The fact is that Huckabee Sanders lies just about as much as Trump does, and she has the gall to get upset whenever the press calls her out for it rather than just accepting what she says as truth.

But it’s the job of the free press to fact-check what she says and call out her lies. That’s literally what the role of the press is in our democracy. It’s not to act as Trump’s propaganda machine.

Twitter users took Trump to the woodshed for defending Huckabee Sanders’ cowardice.

It’s time for Huckabee Sanders to either get back to work or resign. America not only needs a press secretary who tells the truth, they need one who will at least do their job by answering questions and taking the beating from the press they rightfully deserve if they do nothing but lie.

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