Trump Takes Down Petition Website Started By President Obama

featured Image By U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos Via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

In yet another petty shot at President Obama, Donald Trump is taking down the popular White House petition website.

President Obama launched the “We The People” petition website back in 2011. It gives Americans the ability to create and sign petitions that the federal government is supposed to respond to if they receive 100,000 signatures.

It was a good idea, but like most good things the Obama administration did, Donald Trump is obsessed with destroying it or taking credit for it himself.

According to the Associated Press:

The Trump administration said the platform, used extensively by critics and less frequently by allies, will be removed at midnight Tuesday and return in late January as a new site.

A White House official said all existing petitions and responses will be restored next year, when petitions that reach the required 100,000 signatures will begin receiving responses.

But will they really restore ALL of the petitions?

So far, Trump has refused to respond to any of the petitions thus far, especially the ones that are critical of him.

For instance, of the 17 petitions that have reached 100,000 signatures, one calls for Trump to resign, another calls for him to release his tax returns, and another calls for him to put his assets in a blind trust to eliminate conflicts of interest.

Trump is likely furious about these particular petitions, and one has to wonder if those will just be disappeared over the holiday break to satisfy his fragile ego.

Meanwhile, if Trump actually does restore the petition website, he will likely start taking credit for it as if it were his idea instead of something President Obama did.

After all, that’s what he is doing when he brags about the economy and the strategy against ISIS.

It wouldn’t take much for him to rebrand the website and start taking credit for it, too.

And that’s if Trump even keeps his promise to restore it. Let’s not forget that he repeatedly promised to release his tax returns and that hasn’t happened.

Featured Image: Wikimedia