Trump Targets James Comey In Late-Night Hissy Fit About Russia Investigation

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President Donald Trump lashed out at former FBI Director James Comey while watching “Hannity” on Fox News Monday night and claimed the Russia investigation is “illegal.”

After a disastrous morning in which Trump pretty much admitted to coordinating with and directing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to commit two campaign finance felonies in 2016 to cover up his extramarital affairs heading into the final stretch of the 2016 Election, Trump spent his evening binge-watching Fox News.

And when Sean Hannity began spewing nonsense abut Comey’s recent closed-door testimony to Congress, Trump repeated it on Twitter and used it to declare the Russia investigation “illegal.”


The thing is that Trump fired Comey in May 2017, which triggered the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has overseen a masterful investigation that has ensnared several Trump officials and associates and is now closing in on Trump himself.

Evidence changes over time, and while Comey may not have seen evidence then, things have changed, especially since Donald Trump Jr released emails revealing his attempts to set up a meeting to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, and Trump’s own tweet admitting that the meeting happened and that getting information on Clinton was the goal. In the end it doesn’t matter when investigators got the evidence, the fact is they had cause to open an investigation.

Who knows how things would have played out had Trump not fired Comey, but his decision to do so was a fatal error that has led us to what we know today. And Mueller knows even more than we do because only he knows the full extent of the witness testimony he has received in exchange for plea deals.

Trump continued whining about Comey while watching Lou Dobbs:

The problem here is that a conservative publication originally paid for the dossier. Democrats only picked up the tab after conservatives abandoned it. Also, much of the information in the dossier has been verified and the dossier was not the main evidence used to get FISA warrants.

Basically, Trump is rehashing claims that we either already know, or that have already been debunked.

He also got mocked for it by Twitter users:

Once again, Trump demonstrates that he is a desperate pathetic man who knows he’s caught.

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