Trump Thanks Saudi Arabia For Lower Oil Prices After Letting Them Off The Hook For Killing A U.S. Resident

Saudi Arabia Trump

President Donald Trump gave Saudi Arabia a pass for murdering a United States journalist and resident on Tuesday, and followed up by disgustingly thanking them for lower oil prices.

In what certainly could look like a quid pro quo in exchange for Trump letting the authoritarian nation off the hook for the brutal torture and killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Trump gave credit to the Saudis for lower oil prices as if he expected something in return.

Of course, lower oil prices are actually having a negative impact on the economy as a whole now, according to Marketwatch.

People will pay a little less at the pump, but the drag on the economy will hit the manufacturing and energy production sectors of an economy that is already slowing down.

Economics aside, Trump is treating lower oil prices as an exchange. He protects Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and gets lower oil prices he wants in return. It’s nothing but a bribe because a United States resident was brutally murdered by a regime simply because they didn’t like Khashoggi’s reporting. It’s sickening that Trump would use the murder of a man as a bargaining chip so he can point at lower oil prices as a victory for his pathetic administration.

That means any American life is expendable to Trump as long as he gets something in return.

Twitter users ripped Trump’s tweet.

Featured Image: Wikimedia