Trump Threatens Court Action Against NBC Because ‘SNL’ Made Fun Of Him


Our seemingly thin-skinned head of state apparently got his feelings hurt yet again by a skit that appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” and now he’s threatening legal action against NBC in retaliation.

Trump, who has never been able to laugh at himself, must have seen the satirical take “SNL” did on the classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in which the show suggested how much better the world would be if Trump had never elected, so he lashed out on Twitter:

Keep in mind that Trump has suggested in the past that he never watches “SNL” because it’s not funny and Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him is mean and inaccurate. Clearly, the president watches the show and cannot stand to be made fun of. But rather than just letting the entire thing roll off his shoulders and ignore the show, he can’t help but draw more attention to the fact that people are laughing at his expense.

The laughter continued on social media, where Trump was reminded what a shallow, pathetic little man-child he is:

Here’s the skit that offended Trump so much. Judge for yourself (we think it is pretty funny):

Featured Image Via the BBC