Trump Threatens House Democrats With “Investigation Games” If They Don’t Cower To Him

Trump Mueller

President Donald Trump openly threatened House Democrats on Wednesday morning by warning that he will get the Senate to investigate them if they exercise their power to investigate him.

By taking back the House on Tuesday night, Democrats now have the power to investigate Trump and subpoena his records, which provides a major check on his power.

Terrified, Trump threatened House Democrats with Senate investigations in retaliation if they investigate him.

This is an unbelievable example of Trump abusing his power. Oversight is not a game and it’s certainly not something the president and his party can retaliate against by launching a witch hunt against Democrats. The House investigates House members and the Senate investigates Senators. That’s the way it should be. Because by Trump’s logic, House Democrats could retaliate by investigating Senate Republicans.

And then Congress would be engulfed in even more chaos. So, it’s really unrealistic and petty for Trump to make such threats as if he thinks he can use Senate Republicans as his attack dogs.

Twitter users responded by pointing out Trump’s abuse of power and his hypocrisy when it comes to wasting taxpayer dollars.

Former White House ethics lawyer Norm Eisen informed Trump that the Senate does not have the power to investigate his fantasies.

Trump’s threat comes just hours after he claimed to have won a “big victory” in the 2018 Election. Clearly, the reality is now setting in.


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