Trump Threatens Russia With Missile Strikes In Syria

Trump Russia missile threat

Remember when President Donald Trump criticized former President Barack Obama for issuing warnings of military action in Syria? Well, Trump went full hypocrite on Wednesday morning in a Twitter tirade aimed at Russia.

Tensions between Russia and the United States have been running high for months, but it appears that Syria could be the issue that ushers in World War III, at least if Trump has his way.

Early Wednesday morning, Russian ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin warned that his country would retaliate if the United States conducts missile strikes against Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack that killed dozens of Syrians in Douma last week. Zasypkin said:

“If there is a strike by the Americans, then … the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired.”

Trump responded to the warning with an open threat on Twitter.

Perhaps more frightening, Trump went on to tweet that U.S.-Russia relations are worse than ever before, including during the Cold War when nuclear war loomed over the world.

But as you may recall, Trump himself initiated an arms race by ordering the production of more nuclear missiles last year.

Trump then had the gall to blame the Russia investigation for the “bad blood” with Russia.

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova fired back on Facebook by pointing out that any missile strike could destroy evidence of the chemical attack that inspectors are looking for, including evidence that there was no chemical attack.

Make no mistake. Trump is wading our nation into a conflict that would involve several nations, including Iran, Turkey, Israel, and even China. And we’re not talking about a third-world country’s military here. The Russians would be bringing their latest hardware and well-trained troops to the battlefield. And that’s on top of the nuclear arsenals of both nations.

Our nation has been at war for far too long. We can’t afford the massive costs tied to war with Russia, especially since our national debt has spiraled out of control. And the fact is that Russia can bring more troops to fight than we can unless Trump hypocritically reinstates the same military draft that he repeatedly dodged during the Vietnam War.

By making this missile threat, Trump is demonstrating that he is far too unstable and unpredictable to be president. He should not be in command of our armed forces. And Congress must act now to make sure he doesn’t drag us into a destructive war that neither side can really win.

Featured Image By Defense Video Imagery Distribution System Via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.