Trump threatens to ban two Washington Post reporters for writing an article critical of him

Over the course of his presidency, Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the press, even going to far as to refer to the media and reporters being the “enemy of the people.”

And now the president is threatening to ban two Washington Post reporters from the White House for daring to write an article critical of him, Mediaite reports:

Few single reports have drawn such intense acrimony as the Washington Post’s recent story on Trump’s “lost summer,” which reported on a season “defined by self-inflicted controversies and squandered opportunities.”

The piece prompted a rare rebuke in the form of an op-ed, written by White House communications staffers Stephanie Grisham and Hogan Gidley, for the Washington Examiner on Friday.

As usual, Trump communicated his threat via Twitter:

CNN’s Brian Stelter noted that Trump’s latest threat comes as the administration has lost court cases involving attempted bans on reporters. One of those decisions was handed down just this week:

The reference to this week involves the case of Playboy reporter Brian Karem, whose press pass was revoked after he had a verbal altercation with former administration aide Sebastian Gorka. A few months ago, CNN reporter Jim Acosta also had his credentials suspended.

Trump got reminders from others on social media that the First Amendment protects reporters and the media. And there were also sly jabs at his recent use of a Sharpie to pretend a weather map showed Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama:

Featured Image Via CNN