Trump threatens to embargo Cuba – Which has been under embargo since 1958

In a pathetic (and pointless) attempt to appear tough, President Donald Trump thought he’d issue an empty threat at at Cuba, which is on the side of the Maduro government in Venezuela. Trump is backing opposition leader Juan Guaido, so he decided he’d weigh in on the matter via Twitter.

Yeah, that’ll teach the Cuban government a lesson, huh, Donnie?

But there’s one tiny historical problem with Trump could have discovered if he’d taken five seconds to do a Google search. If he had, he would have discovered that the United States has had an embargo in place against Cuba since 1958.

61 years. The embargo has been in place over six decades, but Trump doesn’t know that.

Fortunately, others on social media gave Trump the mocking he so richly deserved:

Featured Image Via Yahoo News