Trump threatens to let drug prices get higher until Democrats let him get away with his crimes


President Donald Trump is now threatening to let Big Pharma jack up prescription drug prices even more if House Democrats don’t end investigations and let him get away with his crimes.

On Thursday, Trump stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leaders at the White House and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum during a Rose Garden speech that had clearly been staged.

The meeting was supposed to be about improving America’s crumbling infrastructure, but Trump is holding the issue hostage in a desperate effort to get his way because he expects Democrats to end all investigations against him to bring him back to the table.

On Friday, Trump said the same thing about lowering drug prices.

“With Congress, I can get prices down 40% and 50%, but I can’t do that when all they do is want to try and do a re-do of the Mueller report,” Trump reportedly said according to Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis.

Dennis then wondered if Big Pharma is now interested in seeing Trump impeached so they can keep their profits high.

Trump refusal to work on policy even has Senate Republicans concerned.

“That’s not going to be a permanent decision by the president,” Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine.) insisted. “I think he will change his mind about it because I know he wants action on drug prices.”

“I understand his frustration, but it’s not a sustainable position,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) added. “The party that’s seen that they don’t want to govern at all is going to be in real trouble.”

Right now, that party is the Republican Party.

Trump is literally holding infrastructure and drug prices hostage, which means he is holding the American people hostage because we desperately need improved infrastructure and lower drug prices.

Democrats are capable of investigating and legislating at the same. They’ve proved that all year long despite what Trump claims.

Meanwhile, Trump is literally refusing to work on policy while he is being investigated, demonstrating that he is the one who is incapable of doing his job.

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