Trump threatens to put the press out of business in six years

Image by CNN via YouTube video

President Donald Trump threatened the press on Wednesday a day after the New York Times revealed a bombshell report exposing his efforts to undermine federal investigations against him.

Not only did Trump try to get former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to put a Trump crony in charge of the Southern District of New York to sabotage investigations in that office, the Times reported, several Republicans hatched a plan to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in order to protect Trump. Trump’s lawyers even dangled pardons to Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort in exchange for their silence, which may constitute obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, the Washington Post revealed that Trump calls Republican lawmakers at all hours looking for praise.

And so, Trump lashed out at the press on Wednesday morning, first by whining that news organizations don’t call to ask him for verification, and then issuing a threat to put them out of business in six years.

Trump has told over 8,000 lies since taking office and often lies to reporters to their faces. Why would any news organization ask for verification of a story when all Trump is going to do is lie?

Trump went on to praise a frivolous lawsuit against the Washington Post by Covington Catholic school student and Trump supporter Nick Sandmann seeking $250 million over reporting by the newspaper on his effort to intimidate a Native American man on the National Mall while wearing a racist “MAGA” hat earlier this year.

Trump would later call the New York Times the “enemy of the people.”

Trump’s attacks on the press have reached a fever pitch and journalists are in danger like never before, especially at Trump rallies. During Trump’s recent rally in El Paso, a Trump supporter attacked a BBC cameraman. The White House issued a statement condemning the incident but it’s very clear that Trump himself revels in attacks on the press no matter what form they take.

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