Trump threatens to release criminals in American cities if Democrats refuse his demands


President Donald Trump directly threatened Democrats on Saturday evening that he will release gang members, human traffickers, and drug dealers in American cities across the nation if they don’t do what he demands.

Even after declaring a national emergency to build a wall he claimed would stop illegal immigration and drugs from crossing the border and getting billions of dollars from Congress for increased border personnel, technology and fencing, Trump is now turning to threatening to harm the American people if Democrats don’t give him his way.

Trump is demanding Democrats drastically change America’s immigration laws to keep anyone brown out of the country and to deny asylum to those legally seeking it. He also wants to deny due process to immigrants. And if Democrats don’t bow down to his demands, he will pull the trigger on his scheme to punish his political adversaries by releasing thousands of detainees in sanctuary cities.

First, Trump denied that he offered Homeland Security officials pardons if they break the law for him and then claimed he can shut the border down whenever he wants to while repeating a threat against Mexico.

Trump then whined about sanctuary cities and threatened them and every American who lives and works in those cities.

Trump’s latest ploy to extract what he wants from Democrats in Congress puts Americans at risk. Even he once claimed these migrants are killers, rapists and terrorists, yet he is perfectly willing to let them loose in American cities? Obviously, Trump’s claim that all migrants are criminals is hyperbolic, but at least some are bad people who could do violence against people Trump is supposed to protect. If a migrant just so happened to be a terrorist and launched an attack killing many people, Trump would have blood on his hands.

Also, Trump would have to violate immigration laws to release detainees. And that’s why he would offer pardons to Homeland Security personnel.

Trump’s scheme is beyond sick and it’s a violation of his oath to protect this country and its people. His supporters are likely cheering him on, but they should consider the big flaw in Trump’s plan. After he releases migrants in these cities, they could disappear and go anywhere in the country, even to cities and towns where Trump’s supporters live. So, Trump’s plan won’t just put Americans in sanctuary cities at risk, it puts all Americans at risk everywhere. That’s if you believe all migrants are bloodthirsty criminals who want to kill us and rape our women while pumping our communities with drugs.

But they aren’t. Trump is trying to divide Americans even more by scaring them. And Democrats should not buy it one bit.

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