Trump throws nasty Twitter tantrum over investigations by Congress


President Donald Trump launched a tirade on Twitter Thursday morning against House Democrats and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for announcing new investigations against him as part of the Russia probe.

Trump had whined about investigations against him in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, just like former President Richard Nixon had done during the Watergate probe.

On Wednesday, Schiff announced new investigations that will dig deeper into Trump’s financial and business records, thus following the money, which is something House Republicans refused to do in their effort to protect Trump.

And so, it was only a matter of time before Trump lashed out on Twitter during his “executive time” on Thursday morning.

He began by targeting Schiff.

Except that Congress has the power to do exactly what Trump is complaining about. Plus if he did nothing wrong, he should welcome investigations and cooperate with them instead of complaining.

He then engaged in “whataboutism.”

It should be pointed out that Republicans launched multiple investigations of the Obama administration such as those against former Attorney General Eric Holder after the Fast and Furious debacle, against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for over two years after Benghazi, and an investigation into the IRS among multiple others in an effort to find anything to hurt Obama and the Democrats.

All of these investigations wasted time and money, only to result in no charges. But Obama himself was never accused of any crimes by Republicans and that’s because there were no crimes to accuse him of committing.

But Trump is still crying foul.

But Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found a lot of evidence and has indicted six Trump associates since starting his investigation in 2017. And because House Republicans so badly botched their own investigation in an effort to protect Trump instead of doing their due diligence, it’s up to House Democrats to clean up their mess and run a proper probe that covers all the bases, especially since Trump has called investigating his finances a “red line.”

Clearly, he has something to hide that he doesn’t want to be exposed. If he wants the investigations to stop, there’s one thing he can do right now to stop it. Resign.

Until then, the American people have a right to know just how corrupt the president is.

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