Trump Tries To Justify Border Wall By Claiming The Obamas Have Wall Around Their House


In his latest desperate attempt to justify building a wall on the Southern border, President Donald Trump took to Twitter and suggested that since former President Barack Obama has a wall around his rental house in Washington, D.C., that proves that walls are a good idea:

See how much fun it is having a man with the emotional development of a two-year-old as head of state?

Newsweek reports that it’s unclear where Trump got the notion there’s a 10-foot wall around the Obama home:

“In 2017, TMZ reported that the Obamas were building a wall around their D.C. rental property for additional security. Early construction photos showed the red-brick barrier under construction, although it was unclear how tall the completed version was.”

Here’s a photo of the Obama residence after the “wall” was installed by the Secret Service. Does it look to be as tall as Trump alleges?

Photo Via CNN

Trump’s preposterous comparison of a border wall to fencing for Obama was met with ridicule. Let the internet mocking begin:

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot