Trump Tweets Out Bizarre Theory Suggesting Germany May Invade France Again

As if he hadn’t already done enough damage to the U.S. relationship with our European allies with his performance in France over the weekend, President Donald Trump woke up early on Tuesday morning and tweeted out a strange conspiracy theory about Germany attacking France.

Apparently still upset that French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested the creation of a European army if the U.S. continues to withdraw from NATO, Trump posted this:

That’s just great, Donnie. You managed to insult two of our main allies in NATO by saying that they’ll go to war unless they fork over more money for U.S. protection. Sounds an awful lot like extortion.

Online responses to Trump’s gibberish were immediate and righteously harsh:

Did Vladimir Putin suggest that Trump send out this tweet when he met with Donnie in Paris, or is the President of the United States actually this clueless?

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot