Trump Tweets Out Cryptic Suggestion Of Getting Wall Funds From ‘Shutdown Money’


Based on the tweets President Donald Trump is sending out from the White House, maybe we’d have all been better off if he’d decided to spend the Christmas break at Mar-a-Lago, playing golf.

The latest head-scratching post from Trump is once again on the topic of his beloved border wall, which just so happens to be the reason the government is currently shut down and will be for the foreseeable future. Problem is, it makes even less sense than the postings President Stable Genius normally makes. Take a look:

What “shutdown money” is he referring to? Does he think he can stiff federal employees and use those funds to finance his pipe dream of a wall?

Reaction to the bizarre tweet were immediate and often hilarious:

It’d be nice to think that one day we’ll all look back on this point in American history and laugh our asses off. But right now, it doesn’t look like any of us actually have a future.

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