Trump unveils misleading slogan for his wall, tells GOP to use it and pray for next two years

Trump wall

President Donald Trump just can’t stop lying about his wall, and now he has turned those lies into a misleading slogan he wants Republicans to use over the next two years.

For years, Trump’s principle lie about his wall is that it will stop crime and drugs. And one of his most recent lies is that the wall is already being built.

He has told both lies on Twitter and in public speeches in an effort to convince the American people to support the wall. But the polls show that most Americans are not buying into his bullsh*t because fact-checkers have repeatedly debunked his claims.

Yet, that didn’t stop Trump for repeating his lies about the wall again on Wednesday morning when he unveiled a new slogan he wants Republicans to use for two years in addition to prayer until he gets his way.

Trump’s government shutdown has already dragged on for over a month and it certainly sounds like he is threatening to keep it closed for the next two years, an action that would devastate the country in every way, including economically.

A majority of Americans already blame Trump for the shutdown and Senate Republicans have not voted once to end it while House Democrats have voted to pass funding bills multiple times.

As for crime and drugs, a wall will not stop either since undocumented immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than natural born American citizens and illegal immigration has dropped to record lows. And the bottom line is that the majority of drugs driven through legal ports of entry and are often smuggled into the country by boat and plane or even tunnels under the border. A wall is just not a practical solution to stopping crime or drugs because no one can predict who will commit a crime and it’s clear that drugs are slipping through because there’s a need for better technology and more border patrol agents.

Trump is also lying when he says the wall is under construction since Congress has only approved funds to repair or replace existing border fence. If they all were already being built, he wouldn’t be demanding $5.7 billion to fund it.

As for Republicans being united, that’s not true at all. If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were to allow any of the House bills to come up for a vote, several Republicans are already willing to support them. That means Senate Democrats have the votes to pass those bills, but McConnell refuses to let them come to the floor for a vote.

Clearly, Trump intends to burn the country down to the ground if he doesn’t get his way, and it’s all on him and the Republican Party. Democrats are being reasonable in their insistence that the government shutdown ends before they negotiate on border security because if they let Trump have his way he will use shutdowns as a negotiating tactic every time he demands something. That’s not how governing should work.

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