Trump Uses Pittsburgh Mass Shooting To Inappropriately Promote Republican Candidate

Trump NATO

President Donald Trump wasted no time politicizing the tragic mass shooting in Pittsburgh on Wednesday when he used it to promote the campaign of Republican candidate Keith Rothfus in yet another shameful episode of this poisonous presidency.

Eleven people were murdered by an anti-Semitic gunman over the weekend only days after Trump declared himself a “nationalist” to pander to his neo-Nazi supporters.

The people of Pittsburgh did not want Trump to go to a rally in their city on Tuesday, but Trump went anyway, resulting in a protest that Trump would later attack via Twitter while claiming that the people respected him.

The very next day, Trump used the tragedy to campaign for Rothfus, one of the few Pennsylvania lawmakers willing to associate with him during the trip.

The backlash was swift and merciless as Twitter users hammered Trump for daring to insult the victims of a horrific massacre by using their deaths to promote Rothfus’ campaign.

Trump should be ashamed of himself for such a low political stunt. But since Trump is incapable of feeling shame, Americans are going to have to be ashamed of him and vote on November 6th to punish the Republican Party for putting this sorry excuse for a human being in the White House.


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