Trump uses racist trope to claim Hispanics support his wall because his poll numbers went up


President Donald Trump engaged in some racism on Sunday morning in a tweet touting his rising poll numbers of Hispanics, claiming that they must support his wall because they supposedly know more about the border than anyone.

Seriously, he literally said that after a new Marist poll revealed that his approval among Hispanics rose from 31 percent to 50 percent.

Trump also went on to claim that he has already started to build the wall with money to do so.

First of all, it’s really racist to say that Hispanics know more about the border issue than anyone. He’s apparently assuming that all Hispanic people in the United States are here illegally or crossed the border to get here. It’s like saying black people know more about basketball or that white people know more about NASCAR.

Many Hispanics were already living in America when the border with Mexico was finalized and have lived here for generations. Many have also traveled here by boat and plane, and many entered through ports of entry.

Also, the poll says nothing about why Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics rose. However, it should be pointed out that his overall approval rating dropped, and his support among his base is starting to crack.

Furthermore, 58 percent of Hispanics plan to definitely vote against Trump in 2020 despite his higher approval rating among them. That falls in line with the overall number of Americans who plan to definitely vote against him.

As for border wall support, the poll numbers we do have for that show that 75 percent of Hispanics oppose it.

Trump is also lying when he claims that he is already building the wall because Congress has only allocated $1.6 billion to repair or replace border fencing while adding new fencing to only a few miles. In addition, if he knew something about building walls, he would have asked a real expert.

The reality is that Trump is not getting the wall he is demanding. He doesn’t have enough to money to build it and contractors won’t work for free unless he plans to stiff them. Trump has little support for his wall and even Hispanics oppose it.

Trump is clearly desperate to both fool his base into believing he’s getting the wall done while also trying to get more Americans to support his demand for wall money. The problem is that he can’t actually build it without money and if he could, it renders his demand unnecessary.

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