Trump viciously attacks black lawmaker in another racist rant


President Donald Trump launched a vicious attack against House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on Saturday morning in a racist rant following a Fox News hit piece about Baltimore.

Cummings, who represents Maryland, is a black lawmaker who has frequently criticized Trump’s corruption, especially his anti-immigrant agenda.

Fox News decided to trash Cummings by misrepresenting his district in order to demonize him.

Trump was clearly watching, because he flew into rage against Cummings, accusing him of all people of being a “bully” and describing Baltimore as a “rat infested mess.”

He also accused Cummings of corruption.

This rant comes just two weeks after Trump attacked four Democratic congresswomen of color in a racist temper tantrum that has been condemned by all but his Republican allies.

Clearly, Trump is attacking these lawmakers because they are not white. Republican lawmakers in several red states represent districts in deplorable conditions. The state of Alabama is so bad that the United Nations has compared it to a Third World country.

But you won’t hear Trump utter a single criticism of the white lawmakers who represent the state.

The fact is that there are poor sections in every district in America if you look hard enough. Fox News should be ashamed of itself for cherry-picking struggling parts of Cummings’ district in order to smear him.

And just because poverty exists in a district, it doesn’t mean a lawmaker is stealing money. Trump should be called out for making such an accusation, especially when he just got caught stealing taxpayer money to pay off foreign investors.

The four congresswomen and Cummings all have two things in common. They are Democrats and they are people of color. And that’s why Trump attacks them using racially charged language.

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