Trump Wants PA GOP To Fight To Keep Illegal Congressional Map

Perhaps anticipating a Democratic take-over this fall and potential impeachment, President Donald Trump urged Pennsylvania Republicans to take their gerrymandering case all the way to the SCOTUS, even after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court followed through on its decision to release its own version of redrawn congressional districts.

The redrawn district boundaries will affect this year’s all-important midterm elections, which is why Trump urged Republicans to fight, as they apparently want to ensure that they can continue to cheat Pennsylvanians through gerrymandering.

Earlier this year, the Democrat-majority court ruled that Pensylvania’s congressional map showed clear-cut Republican bias and violated the state’s constitution.

As a result, Trump’s urging the GOP to “challenge the new ‘pushed’ Congressional map, all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

He’ll surely say its fake news, but Pennsylvania Republicans already presented their case to the Supreme Court, and they rejected them outright. In fact, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. turned down their request for a stay without even referring the case to his colleagues.

Alito offered no reason as to why he chose to do so, but Justices tend to avoid encroaching on the integrity of state supreme court decisions, making it appear that Republicans only love States’ Rights when it suits their radical agenda.

But that hasn’t stopped Pennsylvania Republicans from whining.

In a statement, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio called the new map:

“A partisan gerrymandering and power grab by Democrat Party operatives hiding behind robes.

One can only conclude the Democrats have done with their maps the very thing they sought to redress with their lawsuit – packing and cracking voters for partisan gain.”

The previous Pennsylvania map was highly tilted in Republicans favor, giving Trump a few more electoral district wins than he would’ve won had it not been for Republican gerrymandering. So it’s only natural that our very corrupt and power-hungry POTUS wants to make sure that Republicans can continue to cheat, likely to ensure job security.

Featured image via Supreme Court.