Trump Whines About ‘Boarder’ Security In Monday Morning Tweets

Trump Ebola

Donald Trump was up early Monday morning, and he decided to weigh in (again!) on the issue of border security and his beloved wall, suggesting that such a structure would actually save “billions of dollars a year” if built:

As if so often the case, there are problems with the president’s so-called logic. First of all, how do you save billions when it will take billions to build such a structure. Secondly, people can go over or under a wall, thereby rendering it worthless and a waste of money.

And while we’re at it, would someone please tell Trump the proper spelling is “Border”?

In a separate tweet, Trump also decided he’d try and make his case for why the Affordable Care Act — i.e. Obamacare — needs to be destroyed, despite the fact that such a move would leave tens of millions of Americans without health insurance:

Within minutes of his inane tweets, Trump got reaction from other Twitter users:

Who knew being president was so difficult, eh, Donnie?

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