Trump Whines About Not Being Treated Like A Hero By The Media After Falsely Declaring Victory Over ISIS

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President Donald Trump pouted about the media on Twitter Saturday night because he isn’t being treated like a hero after falsely declaring victory over ISIS in Syria.

Trump shockingly announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria earlier this week without consulting the Pentagon or our allies.

Within that announcement, Trump claimed that ISIS has been defeated, but has since basically admitted that ISIS continues to exist in Syria by urging Russia and Turkey to complete the mission.

Trump’s claim has also been called out by Republican lawmakers, military leaders, Fox News, and national security experts as reports from our own government indicate that thousands of ISIS fighters remain on the battlefield and are still a threat.

His announcement directly led to Secretary of Defense James Mattis tendering his resignation, which was soon followed by Brett McGurk, who resigned in protest after having been the U.S. envoy to the coalition against ISIS since 2015.

McGurk’s resignation dropped like a bombshell as the fallout continued from Trump’s disastrous decision to abandon our allies in Syria, so of course, Trump tried to minimize it.

Trump then whined in the third person about not being hailed as a “hero” as he once again repeated his lie about ISIS being defeated.

If there are any heroes in this scenario, it’s the troops who risked their lives to fight ISIS, not Trump, who has been taking credit for the plan to fight ISIS even though that plan was devised under former President Obama and approved by him long before Trump was even elected.

Furthermore, if Trump wanted to be a hero he should have served during the Vietnam War instead of dodging the draft five times like a coward.

Trump went on to conclude his temper tantrum by insulting our allies:

Seriously, just when you thought our reputation in the world couldn’t get any worse, Trump excuses abandoning our alliances by accusing our allies of taking advantage of us. This is a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions that leaves the United States vulnerable to renewed terrorist activities by ISIS. And when we need our allies the most at some future date, they will remember that the United States abandoned them and they will have every right to do the same to us.

The fact is that Trump cut and ran from Syria without getting the job done. He promised to defeat ISIS and failed miserably even though our forces were making good progress. This isn’t just a retreat, it’s a surrender that allows ISIS to regroup and benefits Russia and Iran. And Trump is delusional if he thinks that makes him a hero.

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