Trump whines about Roger Stone arrest: ‘What about Hillary?’


President Donald Trump once again turned to whataboutism in response to one of his associates being indicted and arrested, this time in defense of Roger Stone.

The FBI arrested Stone on Friday morning on seven counts, including lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering after Special Counsel Robert Mueller secured an indictment.

Trump initially wailed in response to the news on Twitter by whining that human traffickers are treated better.

But on Saturday morning, he tried an old tactic by accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of lying to the FBI and accused several others of lying to Congress, including former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan, who predicted even bigger fish would be indicted when asked to respond to Stone’s arrest on Friday morning:

Seriously, if any of these names had lied to Congress, and a Republican-controlled Congress at that, charges would have been referred to the FBI a long time ago. Trump, as usual, provided zero evidence to back up his claims and is clearly trying to distract and deflect from the news that yet another one of his close associates has been indicted as part of the Russia investigation.

Besides, even if they did lie, it still doesn’t let his own people off the hook for doing it.

Twitter users mocked him for once again whining about Clinton and others to excuse crimes committed by his associates:

The bottom line is that if Republicans in Congress believed they were being lied to they would have asked the FBI to investigate a long time ago when they were in power. They didn’t do that because they had no evidence either. Mueller’s investigation is about Russian interference in the 2016 Election, and since Stone lied about his communications with Wikileaks — which the Russians used to make hacked documents public to hurt Hillary Clinton — his lying is relevant to the probe. And that’s why Stone now faces prison time unless he makes a deal, and why Trump is frightened more than ever that Mueller is about to come knocking on his own door. After all, Trump has lied a lot more than Stone.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot