Trump Whines About Russia Probe, Claims Obama Rigged Investigation


President Donald Trump was up late on Saturday night watching Fox News, so it’s no surprise that he quoted the lies he heard in yet another desperate effort to attack the Russia investigation and the Department of Justice.

As the probe continues to close in on him, Trump lashed out by tweeting claims by Wall Street Journal hack Kimberley Strassel and Fox News host Jesse Watters, who claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has “nothing” to prove collusion with Russia and that former President Obama rigged the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails:

Strassel can’t possibly know what Mueller and his team have found because a final report has not been released, nor is the investigation over. This is pure opinion, and a bad one at that. And it should be pointed out that Strassel also claimed that Michael Flynn was “entrapped” by the FBI and that lying to the FBI isn’t a crime, only to be humiliated when Flyyn admitted that he knew lying to the FBI is a crime and that he wasn’t a victim of entrapment when questioned by a federal judge during his sentencing hearing.

Furthermore, there is no proof that Clinton colluded with Russia, which is why Trump’s own Justice Department has declined to open any sort of investigation.

As for Watters’ claims, it is most definitely untrue that Obama somehow “rigged” the Russia investigation against Trump. Trump has repeatedly made this claim before without offering any evidence, and it’s clear that Watters is merely parroting propaganda.

Accusing a former president of “rigging” a federal investigation is quite a desperate play, and Watters should be forced to provide evidence of his claims or be fired for slander.

Trump’s constant attempts to undermine the Russia investigation by attacking his political enemies, especially Obama and Clinton, is seriously getting old. If the Justice Department had any real evidence of such wrongdoing, an investigation would have been opened by now. But no such investigation exists and that’s because Fox News and Trump and his defenders are spouting conspiracy theories to brainwash the American people as Mueller and his team continue to find very real evidence that Trump and his associates committed multiple crimes. And collusion is likely one of them.

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