Trump Whines About Wasting Money In New Demand For Border Wall Funding As Shutdown Looms

Trump wall

President Donald Trump issued another threat in a tweet Wednesday morning demanding border wall funding and hypocritically whining about wasteful spending, which enraged American taxpayers on Twitter.

A government shutdown looms as Trump continues to insist on $5 billion for his $30 billion vanity project.

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Congress is very unlikely to pass such funding and Trump has already accepted blame for any shutdown that occurs.

But nearly every day since, when Trump isn’t lashing out at the Russia investigation, he is throwing a tantrum about his wall.

And he did it again on Wednesday.

The military never had to be “rebuilt.” It’s been the largest most funded military on the planet for decades. In fact, we could cut the military budget in half and still have the biggest defense budget.

If anything, Trump asked for a minor increase of a few billion dollars to the defense budget, which is a drop in the bucket.

As for money being “poured down the drain,” Trump is a complete hypocrite. His golf trips alone have wasted millions of dollars, and he is already eclipsing former President Obama’s travel spending.

And it wasn’t too long ago that Trump literally complained about the military budget that he increased.

It should also be pointed out that Republicans recently killed a bill that would have helped Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange because they said it cost too much.

At least that money would have gone for a good cause. Trump wants money to use on a useless wall that would have to be constantly maintained.

And then there are Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy that have caused the deficit and debt to skyrocket and his trade wars cause the stock market to plunge.

Twitter users bashed Trump’s hypocrisy and whining.

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