Trump Whines About Domestic Violence Allegations After Two WH Staffers Resign

Trump domestic violence

President Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum in support of White House staffers who have resigned after domestic violence allegations were made against them.

Earlier this week, White House aide Rob Porter resigned in disgrace in the wake of domestic violence allegations made against him by his two ex-wives. Both women gave detailed accounts of the abuse to the media and even provided photos of their injuries, one of which was a black eye.

Porter denied the allegations, but resigned anyway, which embarrassed White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly, who had defended Porter.

And then a second White House staffer resigned days later.

According to The Washington Post, speechwriter David Sorenson resigned after his ex-wife gave detailed allegations, including running over her foot with a car, putting out a cigarette on her hand and throwing her into a wall. His ex-wife provided text messages, photos, and emails to back up her claims.

Well, Trump isn’t convinced. Instead of supporting the victims, Trump posted a defense of his staffers on Twitter suggesting that they are the real victims and accused the women of making false accusations.

Trump did the exact same thing when multiple women came forward accusing former Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault. Rather than believe the women and their detailed accounts, Trump defended Moore.

Trump also denied sexual assault allegations made against him by multiple women during the 2016 campaign.

And so, Trump has an established pattern of calling women liars.

Twitter users threw the book at him.

As the #MeToo movement continues to gain steam, Trump’s refusal to believe women is only digging a deeper hole that he will have a hard time climbing out of in 2020. Republicans will also have a difficult time as the 2018 election approaches. They are going to be asked if they support the women making these allegations and they will either have to say they do, or go on record taking Trump’s untenable position.

By whining about the allegations, Trump is demonstrating that he doesn’t care about domestic violence victims. If the allegations had been made against a Democrat, Trump would be doing the opposite, just like he did when former Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) was accused of sexual assault last year.

So, not only is Trump a defender of wife beaters and sexual predators, he’s also a hypocrite.

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