Trump White House aides are in scramble mode spurred by his violent rhetoric

Trump's aides have a difficult job
Donald Trump. Screen capture by News Great via YouTube video

White House aides are in scramble mode in the aftermath of the horrific massacre at two mosques in New Zealand, trying to figure out how to “spin” comments made prior to this tragedy by President Donald Trump that could be construed as encouraging violence, Raw Story reports.

The comments came from a Breitbart interview where Trump may have been referring to a free speech order that he’s about to sign, adding that he’s supported by plenty of “tough” people.

“I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad,” Trump said. “But the left plays it cuter and tougher.”

On CNN’s “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” Blitzer and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins discussed Trump’s remarks. Blitzer said he found the president’s remarks “disturbing,” when he asked Collins about the situation in the Trump administration.

“Aides behind the scenes were pushing back on this, saying ‘that’s just the way the president talks,” Collins said. “That’s something you hear when the president makes a remark like this.”

But Collins said she wasn’t surprised by this because it’s not the first time she’s heard Trump do this. He’s fired off similar comments “in front of cameras, at rallies, and events like that.”

“Aides don’t know how to respond to this,” she added. “They don’t know how to spin this or anything like that. They hope that this is one of those comments, because the president says so many things, that they can just kind of let go by with the news cycle.”

So it’s difficult to say if this is just Trump’s usual bluster or if this is a real threat, but whatever it is, it makes him sound like a nine-year-old. Really, that’s the maturity level he speaks to. He talks like the bully in the playground, and yes, that’s worrying.

Here’s a clip of The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer below.

Featured image by News Great via YouTube video