Trump wildly claims the failure of the North Korea summit can be blamed on Michael Cohen


According to President Donald Trump, the reason his most recent summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un failed is because Congressional Democrats held a hearing and allowed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to testify.

Yes, that’s really what he said.

Trump went on a bizarre Twitter rant Sunday evening, accusing Democrats of “harassment,” railing against the “Mainstream Media,” and trying to blame his own failure to reach a nuclear deal in Vietnam last week on a hearing that featured a man who knows many of the president’s dirtiest secrets:

So there you have it: Hearings were held, Michael Cohen testified, and it all ruined Trump’s big deal with a mass murdering dictator who lies almost as much as Trump himself. Whew! That’s a whole lotta BS for one person to fling like some sort of angry chimp just because he’s not man enough to accept the blame for his own failings.

It didn’t take long for Trump to be reminded of his many shortcomings:

Maybe later today, Trump can try to blame global warming on polar bears and ice cream.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot