Trumpileaks — Former CIA agent warns our allies are keeping intel from us to stop Trump from leaking to Putin

Trump Putin

President Donald Trump’s disregard for intelligence and his all-too-close relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has a former CIA agent opining that our allies are keeping intel from us to prevent him from passing it along to Putin.

Clearly, Trump has made multiple decisions since taking office that directly benefits Putin.

Most recently, Trump withdrew from the INF treaty of 1987, therefore allowing Putin to start developing previously barred nuclear missile technology in the open.

Trump has also lifted sanctions against Russian companies connected to Putin and even appears to have surrendered the battlefield in Syria to Russia on Putin’s advice. Furthermore, Trump has launched attack after attack on our NATO allies, from which Putin also benefits.

It’s impossible to deny that Trump has some sort of fealty to Putin, an enemy of the United States who would love nothing more than to see Russia replace our nation as the dominant force in the world.

And that’s why former CIA operative Steven Hall believes our allies are engaging in damage control by purposely holding back intelligence from the United States to prevent Trump from handing it off to Putin. And he cited the most prominent example of Trump’s loose lips to prove that his opinion is well-founded.

“Many have already taken note of Trump’s cavalier attitude toward sensitive information, as well as his apparent failure to understand the basic rules of intelligence sharing,” Hall wrote. “Recall when our president shared sensitive intelligence obtained from one of our foreign partners with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, for example.”

Indeed, Trump literally shared sensitive intelligence from our Israeli allies with Russians officials inside the Oval Office, thus outing our source and the manner in which the information was obtained in the process.

A senior European intelligence official even threatened to stop sharing intel with U.S. counterparts if Trump can’t be trusted to keep his mouth shut around the Russians.

So, it’s very likely this is already happening to some degree, especially if the intel has to do with Russia and the security of the European Union.

“I would be deeply surprised if many of our best intelligence allies were not already holding back information they would normally pass to their U.S. counterparts, for fear Trump might not be able to keep a secret,” Hall concluded. “Their concerns might even be darker when they consider the possibility that our president has reportedly discussed sensitive matters with Russian President Vladimir Putin behind closed doors with no record of the conversation.”

This is right on the money, too. Trump has gone to desperate lengths to keep his private talks with Putin a secret. Even his top staffers have no idea what’s said between them, nor are notes kept. What they talk about isn’t even included on classified files. So, Trump could very well be giving Putin, a former KGB agent, all the information he desires.

And that puts our national security and the security of our allies in serious jeopardy.

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