Trump’s birthday hijacked — declared to be John McCain Day instead


The Republican National Committee (RNC) attempted to wish President Donald Trump a happy birthday on Friday and suck up to him at the same time. Little did they know that Twitter users were prepared to hijack the day for true patriot John McCain.

In a birthday message on Twitter, the RNC called Trump a “great” president and asked everyone to retweet to do the same.

But Bill Maher is not the only one who mocked Trump on his birthday. Twitter users did as well and literally hijacked the day and declared it John McCain Day to honor the late-senator and war hero instead of a five-time draft dodger who disgraces the presidency.

Republicans are worshiping Trump like a dictator, but Trump is not deserving of such adulation and he certainly does not deserve birthday wishes. McCain, on the other hand, deserves a day honoring his memory and sacrifice and there is no better day to honor him than June 14th. Because if Americans are going to honor someone on this day, it should not be Trump. And we should lobby Congress to recognize June 14th as a national holiday to celebrate McCain’s life and service to our country. Then we can watch Trump fume about it.

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