Trump’s favorite morning show admits that he should have never said Mexico would pay for the wall

When he announced his run for the presidency, one of the main campaign promises Donald Trump made was that he was going to build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

But, three years later, Trump hasn’t managed to extract a penny in construction money for his wall and is instead stealing $3.6 billion from the Defense Department.

Even worse, even the president’s most ardent cheerleaders at “Fox & Friends” are admitting on camera that Trump should never have vowed that Mexico would fund the wall.

Thursday morning on the Fox morning show, co-host Brian Kilmeade remarked:

“The president never should have said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall.”

But he DID say it. And that — like nearly everything Donald Trump says — has turned out to be a gigantic lie.

Steve Doocy then tried to soften the blow of what Kilmeade had noted:

“I think he thought he would find a way for Mexico to pay for it, but as we know that did not work.”

Using that same logic, can we all think we’ll find a way to afford a brand new Mercedes sports coupe even though our checking account balance suggests otherwise? Good luck explaining that when they come to repossess the car you can’t make the payments on.

As ThinkProgress notes, Doocy suggested that Congress let Trump steal the $3.6 billion that was allocated for a middle school at Fort Campbell, child development centers at Joint Base Andrews, and a fire station in Beaufort, South Carolina, and then reallocate the money:

Doocy then suggested that if Congress decides to appropriate more money to go to those previously funded and now raided programs, they could save the projects. In other words, rather than cut spending, the co-host thinks the solution is for them to appropriate the same $3.6 billion to the same programs twice.

Trump repeatedly says his wall is almost complete. It isn’t. A few miles of replacement fencing have been built, but there is still no wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. And with the 2020 election around the corner, the president is in full panic mode, knowing that if he has no evidence of his top campaign pledge, he’ll look like a failure.

But as the “Fox & Friends” gang noted earlier today, Mexico isn’t going to pay, meaning that Donald Trump is already a failure.

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