Trump’s Incoherent White House Press Briefing Makes People Note His ‘Brain Is Broken’ (VIDEO)

Trump's White House speech was bizarre
Screenshot by Live On-Air News via YouTube video

President Donald Trump embarked on a rambling and wide-ranging speech Friday during a press briefing at the White House Rose Garden that left more than a few political observers confused.

The speech ran the gamut with the president discussing everything from eminent domain to claiming he’s not a criminal.

After meeting with Congressional Democrats to discuss the government shutdown and border security, Trump and his aides addressed the media, Mediaite reports. But his word salad speech made it extremely challenging to make sense of what he was saying because it jumped from topic to topic in a sort of loose free fall.

At one point CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip began by asking the president why he wouldn’t reopen the government “to create more space” for an open discussion on immigration but Trump barged right in before she had the chance to finish her question.

He did a peculiar segue about the White House, then claimed (without providing any evidence) he’d spoken to federal workers who supported the shutdown:

“A lot of people that you think are upset and certainly they’re not thrilled, but they say, ‘Sir, do the right thing, we need border security,’ and these are people who are not getting paid.'”

Because after all, it’s only a paycheck, right?

Then he embarked on a long-winded rant on the shabby state of the current walls, fences, and armed guards at points of entry that are supposed to protect the country and, bizarrely noted there aren’t signs separating the U.S. and Mexico:

“You don’t even have a sign saying Mexico/U.S.,” he said. “There is no sign designating, ‘you have just entered the United States.’ Just open space.”

When CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins noted Trump has changed his story time and again over how the wall would be funded, he turned bellicose and snapped at her:

“You’re not in the construction business, you don’t understand something, he said. “We have built a great steel business in the United States… you can’t really see through a concrete wall.”

But Trump was at his most bizarre when he attempted to explain how eminent domain works. He did this by telling White House reporter April Ryan that he intends to use “the military version of eminent domain” to construct the border wall:

“What we’re doing with eminent domain is in many cases we’ll make a deal up front, the secretary has done a lot of that and if we can’t make a deal, we take the land we pay them through a court process, which goes actually fairly quickly and we’re generous,” he said.

“Under the military version of eminent domain and national security,” Trump added, “we can do it before we even start.”

Which means, Vox reporter Jan Coaston noted on Twitter as she watched the speech, that “the ‘military version of eminent domain’ would be…invasion.”

And in fact, scores of frustrated members of the media took to Twitter after the president’s incoherent speech. Here’s a sampling:

That last tweet is scary. And who knows, it could be true.

Here’s how Trump responded to reporter questions in the video below.

Featured image by Live On-Air News via YouTube video