Trump’s Midterm Senate Strategy Appears To Be Backfiring

Trump Kavanaugh

According to recent reports, President Donald Trump has essentially conceded the House to Democrats in the midterm election and is instead focusing on helping Republicans hold the Senate as a sort of impeachment firewall that would protect him if the Mueller investigation proves he committed any criminal acts during the 2016 race for the White House.

But according to a new report from the Daily Beast, Trump’s midterm Senate strategy may be on the verge of coming back to bite him:

“The way (Trump’s) being deployed might actually end up helping Democrats he’s trying to beat. Look more closely at where the president is scheduled to travel, and you’ll notice something interesting: a bunch of the planned stops are in college towns. And not college towns populated by out-of-state students at liberal arts colleges who aren’t as likely to be registered to vote in the states they live and study in; these are college towns full of in-state students who overwhelmingly will be registered to vote in the exact Senate races Republicans are targeting.”

Take a closer look at the states Trump will be visiting in the final week of the campaign: Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, Montana, Ohio.

Why are Senate seats in deep red states such as Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, and Montana still in play this late in the game? Trump won each of those states by solid margins in 2016, so it would stand to reason that they should be locked down by now. The fact that they aren’t tells us Trump’s historically low approval rating may come back to haunt the GOP when the ballots are counted next Tuesday.

Consider this salient fact with seven days remaining on the midterm calendar:

“We’re told that only Arizona and Nevada remain real possibilities for Democrats picking up currently Republican-held Senate seats. But while Marsha Blackburn is more likely than not to win her Senate race in Tennessee, and on election day it might not end up being close, look at where Trump is making a stop in the Volunteer State: Chattanooga.”

The GOP is sweating Tennessee, which should be a slam dunk for them? That alone would seem to indicate that worry is growing inside the White House and the GOP Senate firewall may be in danger of breaking.

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