Report: Trump’s Daily Struggles For Self-Preservation Exposed


New York Times reporters Maggie Haberman, Glen Thrush, and Peter Baker interviewed 60 advisors and known associates of President Donald Trump to get a snapshot of what life is really like in the White House.

What they found was Trump in a daily struggle with holding an office and a job that he was never qualified to hold in the first place. According to the New York Times:

“He sees the highest office in the land much as he did the night of his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton – as a prize he must fight to protect every waking moment, and Twitter is his excalibur.”


The Chief Cheeto wakes up each morning around 5:30. He turns on the television in the master bedroom right away. He watches CNN or Fox and Friends depending on his mood, reportedly watching Fox and Friends for comfort and CNN or Morning Joe if he wants to get “fired up.”

For every other president, every day is a test of how best to lead the country – a test of preservation. However, for Trump that is not the case.

“For Mr. Trump, every day is an hour-by-hour battle for self-preservation.”

Trump continues to double down on the hateful rhetoric, lies, and deceit because that is what got him elected in the first place. It doesn’t matter to him that his approval rating is the lowest of any sitting president at this time in their term in the history of America.

According to the Pew Research Center, he currently sits pretty at a staggering 32 percent.

His battle for self-preservation is all Trump knows. All the hateful speech and racism and hurtful policies are what got him elected, and he is sticking with the program because he is too simple-minded to do it any other way.


Trump wants everyone to believe that he reads instead of watching the news. Those closest to him report that this is indeed a lie. He watches at minimum four hours of television a day with many of those closest to him saying in reality; it is actually much more than that.

His inane tweeting habits are the bane of the existence of anyone in charge of trying to control the man-baby that occupies the Oval Office. Even General Kelly who is there for 14 hours a day can’t keep up with Trump when he has a mind to send a tweet.

So much so that many of his advisors have to work overtime not to allow his tweeting to override their entire existence while they are at work. They have to actively not let it dominate their day.

Trump drinks about a dozen Diet Cokes every single day. One wonders why that doesn’t seem to be doing a thing for his ever-expanding waistline.


Most of this news is not entirely unexpected, of course. Most rational humans realized long ago this was likely what it looked like in Trump’s White House. In any case, this article sheds some light on Trump’s agenda.

Many of us wonder if Trump’s insanity is by design or part of a master plan. The authors of this piece confirm that there is no master plan. Trump is merely holding on in a struggle to hang on to his job. He is a desperate man reacting daily. Nothing more.

He sees liberals, Democrats, and the media as the enemy and his entire existence is battling back against them. Well, that and lining his pockets and those of the people who surround him.

He signed off on the Republican tax disaster today before leaving for vacation in Mar-a-Lago… Again.

Trump continues the insanity because he is a desperate man trying to stay in a job he should never have landed in the first place. The only way he knows how to do that is by continuing to do what got him in there in the first place.

That leaves the rest of us to just hang on in whatever way we find best until the orange colored storm passes.

Feature Image via YouTube Video.