Trump’s supporters turn on him after he offers temporary DACA protections in exchange for his wall


President Donald Trump majorly pissed off his extreme base on Saturday afternoon by offering Democrats temporary protections for DACA and an extension for those with temporary protected status in exchange for $5.7 billion for his wall.

Trump’s desperation was clear during his White House speech as he made the offer, which was not televised on any of the major television networks, who clearly learned from their mistake of letting Trump lie to the nation during a primetime Oval Office address two weeks ago.

The government shutdown has dragged on for 29 days now with no end in sight as Trump has repeatedly refused to give up his wall funding to re-open the government so that 800,000 federal workers can get back on the job.

He tried lying about a border crisis. He tried stomping his feet and walking out of meetings in a huff. He tried attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Twitter. He even went so far as to put Pelosi’s life in danger. And now he’s trying to sway Democrats by offering them a temporary reprieve for DACA recipients and migrants with temporary protected status, all in exchange for a permanent ineffective wall that will cost billions.

Here are his full remarks via Twitter below:

The problem is that Trump is offering Democrats programs that he tried to kill via executive order, and for just threes years no less, which is insulting. And that’s why Democrats rejected it because it’s not a real compromise at all.

Others also criticized Trump’s sorry excuse for a “compromise.”

Trump failed to entice Democrats, and his pathetic effort to do so backfired within his own base as some of his top supporters accused him of offering amnesty.

Seriously, while many conservatives are calling Trump a genius for offering this deal, he actually just backed himself into more of a corner because he’s the one who tried to kill DACA and TPS in the first place. Offering temporary relief to two groups of protected people after previously taking away that protection is not a real compromise. It just means Republicans can shut the government down again in three years and dangle these same protections in yet another “compromise” the next time the GOP wants more wall funding. Or they could kill the programs completely, which means Trump would get his wall and Democrats would end up with nothing.

This just shows how desperate Trump is to get out of the mess he created, lest we forget that he’s also the one who shut the government down last month by refusing to sign a bipartisan funding bill passed by Senate Republicans after he signaled he would sign it.

Trump owns this shutdown and until he starts negotiating like an adult, Americans will keep blaming him for it.


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