Trump’s weak defense of his racist citizenship question on the Census


President Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum on Monday morning in defense of a racist citizenship question he wants to include in the next Census.

Trump has been seeking to force every person in the United States to answer whether or not they are American citizens, an inherently racist question that would help Trump persecute the Latino community. Not only would most non-citizens decline to fill out a Census form, but so would some actual citizens out of fear that Trump will come after them and their families.

After all, Trump has been using ICE as his own Stormtroopers to terrorize immigrants. The inclusion of this question would only make it easier.

Earlier this month, a federal judge blocked the question from being included.

According to NPR:

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of California found that the administration’s decision to add the question violated administrative law.

The judge also ruled that it was unconstitutional because it prevents the government from carrying out its mandate to count every person living in the U.S. every 10 years.

“In short, the inclusion of the citizenship question on the 2020 Census threatens the very foundation of our democratic system — and does so based on a self-defeating rationale,” Seeborg wrote.

The question is so offensive and discriminatory that House Democrats are holding hearings.

On Monday, Trump lashed out at Democrats in defense of the question.

Again, this is a question that Trump will undoubtedly use to attack blue states and persecute the undocumented even though red states also have non-citizen populations. But Trump doesn’t care about undocumented immigrants in red states because the higher population count would help those states gain seats in Congress and electoral votes in future presidential elections, whereas blue states would lose money and votes as Trump seeks to remove non-citizens from those states.

No one should be asked to prove their citizenship without just cause, and the Census is not the proper place for such a question. It’s a constitutionally mandated process that occurs every ten years to get the most accurate count of the population, regardless of who is a citizen or not. Asking this question will cause an inaccurate count that will affect states across the country, including red states if enough non-citizens choose not to participate out of fear.

Thus far, the courts have ruled against Trump. Let’s hope they continue to do so.

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