Tucker Carlson urges Trump to start issuing pardons now that the Mueller report is done

Minutes after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on the 2016 election to Attorney General William Barr, the propaganda machine at Fox News kicked into full spin mode, with numerous hosts saying President Donald Trump had been fully exonerated, even though none of them had actually seen what the report said.

On his show Friday evening, Fox host Tucker Carlson went a step further, urging the president to begin the process of handing out pardons and suggesting he begin by giving a pardon to longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone:

“Roger Stone is facing life in prison. He was indicted by an investigation designed to find collusion, indicted on minor charges. He was dragged from his own home in a morning FBI raid.They put an amphibious vehicle outside his house and pointed an automatic weapon in his face, all to find collusion. But there was no collusion.”

Ah yes, the old Trump line: No collusion. And yet, Carlson has no idea what’s contained in the Mueller report, meaning it may indeed suggest that Stone was involved in an illegal conspiracy with Russia.

Carlson then added:

“Stone is still looking at life in prison. Where is Roger Stone’s pardon? His pardon from the president? Let’s hope it comes very soon.”

Later in the show, Carlson asked Fox’s White House correspondent, Ed Henry, if he’d heard any talk of a pardon for Stone. Henry replied:

“No. I’ve heard people outside the White House tell me very clearly that the president has been advised to let this investigation play out before he discusses pardons or does anything.”

The simple fact is that even if Trump does decide to pardon numerous individuals, that won’t protect them from charges in state courts such as New York and Virginia. So while the president may want to put the investigation behind him, that won’t be possible. And pardons will only increase the calls for impeachment.

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