Tucker Carlson Whines About Rick Wilson’s Comments On Trump Supporters And Gets Crushed


When Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked GOP strategist Rick Wilson for criticizing President Donald Trump and his supporters on Friday, he messed with the wrong person.

During an appearance on CNN Thursday night with Don Lemon, Wilson hammered Trump supporters, whom he referred to as “10-tooth rubes,” for getting duped by a con man to demand a useless wall and shut down the government for it:

“The wall has always been a con for Donald Trump’s credulous rube 10-tooth base,” he said. “The wall has always been a scam. It has always been a lie. Nothing about the wall has ever been real. And Donald Trump knows it. He is a guy who has a long history in his career as being a con man. He is conning these people who believe he’s going to build a 2,000-mile, 30-foot-high concrete wall with laser moats and alligators in it. It’s just crazy. It always has been. And yet they suspend their disbelief because they believe so strongly in Donald Trump.”

Responding to Wilson’s remarks on Friday night, Tucker Carlson complained and went full snowflake by accusing the Republican Wilson of being a left-winger:

“Wilson seems to spend most of his life opining in one of those 6-guest shout-fests in boxes that the other channels specialize in,” Carlson said. “He’s often shouting the loudest. What makes Wilson notable like so many on the left he’s moved on from hating Trump to hate people who voted for Trump. What a cruel and awful thing to say. Does it ever occur to Rick Wilson that people who are losing their teeth might benefit from cheaper dental care? Maybe Washington could help with that. But no, It’s easier to make fun of them and get rich doing it, something that Wilson specializes in.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

It turns out that a Fox News producer reached out to Wilson to provide a response, but Carlson never aired it because Wilson totally humiliated him by calling him a “punk-ass PC snowflake” who has no problem dishing it out but runs to mommy when others dish it out right back at him:

Indeed, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also went full snowflake earlier in the day when he whined about a freshman Democratic lawmaker using vulgar language to refer to Trump, only to be called out by a reporter for being a hypocrite because Republicans have had no problem with Trump insulting people on Twitter and at rallies using similar vulgar language.

Clearly, Republicans and conservative media revealed themselves as the true snowflakes today.

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