Twitter calls Trump out for pretending to care about the troops


President Donald Trump dared to use wounded troops as political props again, and Twitter took him to the woodshed for it.

Trump visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center this week to meet with several wounded soldiers who have returned from combat in Syria and Afghanistan. Soon enough, he took to Twitter to brag about it:

Usually, a post like this would be considered thoughtful, but Trump has repeatedly pretended to care about the troops in the past only to show that he really doesn’t care at all, such as when he cancelled an appearance at a World War I memorial cemetery in France in November because of light rain. Trump would go on to skip visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran’s Day.

Clearly, Trump uses troops as props, and Twitter wasn’t about to let him get away with it this time either:

Trump’s military decisions have only made the situation more dangerous for our troops in the Middle East, especially Syria, where four Americans were killed in a bombing by ISIS shortly after Trump had declared ISIS defeated.

And it’s not like the military loves Trump. as a recent poll shows that his approval rating among active-duty troops is dropping.

Trump’s actions speak louder than words, and his actions prove that he lies every time he claims to love and respect our soldiers. This time is no different as it’s only a matter of time before Trump makes another decision that totally undermines what he just tweeted.

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