Twitter crushes Trump for attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar for criticizing Israeli crimes against humanity


President Donald Trump is once again hypocritically accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) of being anti-Semitic just because she is a critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and calls out Israel’s crimes against humanity and influence in American politics.

Omar has unfortunately drawn an undeserved backlash from both Republicans and Democrats who can’t seem to separate legitimate criticisms of Israel from actual anti-Semitism, which has forced her to repeatedly defend herself on Twitter.

Indeed, both political parties seem to think that any criticism of Israel amounts to being anti-Semitic, which is why they introduced a bill a while back that would have criminalized boycotts of Israel for how it is treating Palestinians in the Gaza strip, a treatment that amounts to genocide and war crimes.

Of course, it did not take long for Trump to jump back into the fray, calling Omar’s criticism a “dark day for Israel” and demanding she be removed from the Foreign Relations Committee.

Twitter users jumped to Omar’s defense by pointing out Trump’s very real anti-Semitism and America’s refusal to acknowledge Israel’s crimes against humanity.

The attacks on Omar must cease and both Republicans and Democrats owe her an apology for characterizing her legitimate criticism of Israel and the pro-Israel lobby as anti-Semitism.

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