Twitter explodes with laughter and rage after Trump claims the GOP never investigated Obama


President Donald Trump has a very short (and selective) memory, and he proved that with a tweet he sent out Thursday morning that unleashed a torrent of laughter, anger, and reminders for daring to suggest that Congress never investigated former President Barack Obama.

The tweet in question was posted by Trump in response to an Wednesday announcement from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who heads the House Intelligence Committee, that his committee will be expanding its probe of whether or not the president has allowed U.S. foreign policy to be influenced in exchange for money from countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE:

A quick Google search of investigations by Congress during the eight years Obama was in office would have provided Trump with facts about Bengahzi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS, all of which Congressional Republicans carried on ad nauseam.

In no time, other Twitter users responded to Trump. Here’s the some of the best responses:

There were so many mentions of Benghazi that for a while it was trending as the number 1 hashtag on social media.

If Trump thinks Congress is being unfair to him with their investigations, perhaps he needs to resign and go back to Mar-a-Lago full time.

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